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  • How To Grow Your Zoom Yoga Class Attendance Confidently
    On the part 2 of our interview with Alex Klein and Alex Jaton, the founders of Ubindi, an inexpensive online class management tool for independent coaches. We talk about the old school overlooked tool that is still the best in retaining students, how to get started with email content for your yoga list, the simple technique that creates community & retains clients. They’ll also share their success story of online yoga classes for blind people and tips for yoga teacher or online class instructor on starting an online yoga class.
  • How to Grow your Online Yoga Classes
    If you are a yoga teacher or online class instructor this is gonna be a great episode for you. In part 1 of our 2 part interview, we talked to Alex Klein and Alex Jaton the founders out of ubindi, an inexpensive online class management tool for independent coaches. We talked about how to price your class, how to stand out as an online yoga instructor, marketing techniques for your online class, and the state of the online yoga industry right now.
  • How affiliate marketing can pay off and earned Tracy $450 in a week for 1.5hrs of work! (Part 1) (Interview with Tracy Davenport)
    We have Tracy Davenport on the show today. Sometimes we may be wondering how we can add more revenue without necessarily veering away from our core business, which is to provide fitness services to train people and affiliate sales. There’s a lot of confusion about it. Is it even worth it? Is there a lot of technical things you have to do? Can you actually make a decent amount of money? Those are the kinds of questions that I had. I really was excited when I connected to Tracy because she’s done a lot of affiliate sales with different companies and she can talk about what to think through and what to evaluate.
  • How to 10x your business with intro challenges & Facebook group strategy that blew up JR’s business to $189k in 4 mos
    How to create add-on revenue streams & market your business with free PR (Part 1) Today, I’m talking to Kelly Howard. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has sold 4 different companies. One of the companies she’s founded is Bayou City Outdoors, it’s one of the largest outdoor activity social clubs of its kind. Through that business she’s seen life transformations such people start to become active and people meeting and actually getting married. She’s an online entrepreneur with her Fit Is Freedom Podcast, she talks about mindset and motivation, and through her courses and events she helps people create that life-change they’re seeking.
  • How to use automated marketing funnels to grow to 50-60 clients in one month (Part 1) (Interview with JR Spear)
    Today, our guest is JR Spear. He’s an online personal trainer that gets tons of people in for his fitness challenge, but that’s not his focus. He just loves fitness. In the Part 1 of our 2 Parts interview, we’re going to talk about some rules, interesting things, how to be prepared and how to strategically set up your business, so you can really grow your clients online. In addition, we’ll also talk about techniques, so you have the right offers to grow your leads.
  • How to create a social fitness club that brings in $250k revenue (Part 2) (Interview with Kelly Howard)
    What is the business model? What costs the most amount of money? On the second part of our interview with Kelly Howard, we will talk about the costs to run an activity-based company. She shares a secret weapon that will keep a fitness community going online and tips to find success as a fitness entrepreneur. She also talks about how to ensure a great social event as well as ways to promote your fitness business aside from posting on social media.

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