About Fit Coach Secrets

About Kristy:

Kristy has built two fitness businesses in New York City, with each hitting close to half a million in annual revenue. Her first business Bumblebee Tennis, for 12 years offered tennis lessons to adults and kids in all the different boroughs in New York City.

Kristy then went on to turn around a struggling gym in Brooklyn. Because of fitness’s impact on her health and helping her overcome depression and anxiety, she was especially passionate about sharing fitness with more people.  She rebranded and reopened the gym as Alana Life & Fitness in April 2014.  She turned it around from losing $5000 a month to breaking even by December and making $40,000 in revenue by April 2015 the following year.

Kristy also opened a cycling studio a few years later in the same building as Alana Life & Fitness. Unfortunately it didn’t do as well and closed it a year later. She takes lessons from everything, especially from things that don’t go as planned.  Kristy learned a ton from that experience and applies that to her future ventures.

Kristy sold Alana Life & Fitness in 2020 and shifted her focus to growing the Fit Coach Secrets community!

In addition to the gym Kristy has invested in real estate and is an active investor including early stage ventures.

About the Show: 

Fit coach secrets is a show about sharing the secrets of other fitpreneurs on how to build a successful fitness business. 

Topics covered are franchising, online fitness businesses, how to do fitness sales, fitness business marketing, how to approach nutrition coaching, effective fitness program design and more.

About Fit Coach Secrets Freebies & Products:

Besides the show with business growth strategies, Fit Coach Secrets 

  • provide monthly freebies with free handouts and marketing templates to help you grow your business.  
  • And we provide programs that help you grow your customer base. We focus on creating rebrandable content that helps you attract leads and make sales.

We ensure that the content is organized and in editable format so that you can easily modify it and brand it as yours with your logo and colors.

We are always looking for feedback and ways to help the fitness coach community. Let us know your thoughts through this contact form. 

Join the Community!

We are currently building our online community through facebook groups.  We invite you to join!