About The Show

About The Vibrant Entrepreneur Show

Now that Alana Life & Fitness is running smoothly I am ready to re-take on my passion for publishing and business by launching the Vibrant Entrepreneur.

The goal of the show is to help you become a vibrant entrepreneur.

What is a vibrant entrepreneur?

To me it’s an entrepreneur who is happy and full of energy as they build their vision.

In detail that’s a business owner who has great profits, has time to grow their business, not just work in it.

They have work life balance.

In addition they see growth because they have time to implement systems and invest in business development.

And the risk and business they have taken on matches their lifestyle and passions.

They have a vision for their business they are excited about striving for.

The Challenge of Being that Vibrant Entrepreneur

To come across an entrepreneur that has time, money, and life balance is hard to come by…especially in the early years of a new business.

Really the norm is for a entrepreneur to experience:

  • Feeling lonely
  • Burning out
  • Feeling like you can’t control the business
  • Overwhelmed by uncertainty and risk
  • A lot of self doubt and self criticism
  • And worst of all running a business that consumes all of your time, money and energy with little return

I’m on the search for the answers

I feel passionate about this because I’m a builder in my heart. I want to work all day and night to see that progress

BUT I’ve come to realize cultivating my energy and self is a priority or else I’ll burn out and find myself on the floor calling Tmobile just to talk to a friendly voice.

In addition, I see myself ready to take on a new exciting opportunity in an industry I’ve never been in! I think it’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for but I want to take it on with an intention to keep self care a priority.

I look forward to sharing the highs and lows of my new business as it develops.

The Oshita Vibrant Energy Formula

One area that I’m so excited to share is the Oshita Vibrant Energy Formula (OVEF). This is a formula that I discovered over the course of 10 years.

I’ve also been challenged with depression and anxiety from a young age. The pain I have experienced from this has forced me to search deeply for answers.

This led me to developing a deep practice in meditation.

And meditation has led me on this 10 year journey of little answers on what truly makes us happy. What is love? and am I weak because I need people?

What do we really want?

My conclusion is at our source when we say we want to be happy, we really mean we want to feel energized.

But being energized isn’t just prefaced on sleep, food and water alone, there are intangibles which explain why the most wealthy nation has an epedemic of depression (a disease that causes loss of energy).

However being energized is not the end goal. I’ll share it in more detail in another post.

I think the formula is relevant to everyone because it’s ultimately what makes us happy.

However its extra important for jobs that are taxing on our energy such as being a business owner. I’ll talk about the formula a lot since energy is our power source to make things happen, interact with others, and make the best decisions.

What is the Show Like?

My hopes and dreams is I see you laugh a few times during the show. But I don’t know yet if I have that skill set.

Not wanting to overpromise and under deliver…

If you don’t crack a smile during the show, at the very least I hope you get best practices, inspirations and tools to be a successful, happy vibrant entrepreneur.

So the show will include things like:

  • Interviews with successful entrepreneurs on what made them successful and processes they use to grow and recapture time
  • Detailed processes that I like to use that you can start implementing today in your business
  • Evaluate the productivity latest tools in the marketplace
  • Decision making trees
  • Insights on how to create reports to better run your business
  • Question and answers with Kristy
  • Is that business right for you analysis

Is this Show for Me? What if I don’t own a business?

This show is for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, who have a business or plans to start one.

It’s also for business executives looking to increase productivity through systems. Or executives looking to find a way to feel more energized and fulfilled.