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Social distancing answer for PTs? The 15-min body transformation workout (Interview with Steve McKinney)

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Highlights from the interview

[06:53] – His radical 15-minute training protocol technique that is perfect for training with social distancing while maximizing customers per hour

[18:39] – His training technique that works great with anyone, even the challenging clients with many injury limitations

[38:05] – How much he charges for these 15-minute sessions to see if this concept would work well for your business

[47:06] – How he has transitioned part of his business to be online training and how that online training is almost completely automated

About our Guest

With over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, how he created his radical 15-minute training protocol technique is mind blowing

Today on the show we have Steve McKinney. He has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. 

His accomplishments include placing first as Mr. Southern Illinois, reaching a black belt in Jujitsu, and owning multiple fitness studios in Jujitsu and bootcamp. 

He recently started a new personal training gym that uses his 15-minute workout where clients only need to come in for two times a week and see complete body transformation.

It’s amazing!

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Social media marketing for $1/day and less than 15 min/day (Interview with Dennis Yu)

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Highlights from the interview

[11:10] – His $1 a day Ad budget strategy to get tons of leads

[16:08] – Tactics to create lots of social media content with only 10 to 15 minutes a day

[23:49] – How to create content that viewers are attracted to without feeling like you have to be perfect or like the super expert

About our Guest

An internationally recognized lecturer, a Facebook marketing guru and a big fitness enthusiast

I’m so excited because today on the show we have Dennis Yu. He’s the CEO of Blitz Metrics, which can name Golden State Warriors, Nike and Rosetta Stone as customers. 

He is also an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and has spoken in 17 countries. 

Dennis has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, national public radio TechCrunch, CNN, Fox News, and more. 

He’s also held leadership positions at Yahoo and American Airlines, and he’s also a big fitness enthusiast with over 20 marathons under his belt.

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How to run a virtual training business and get weekly leads from Youtube (Interview with Kaylan Gilliam)

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Highlights from the interview

[05:06] – How he sets up his training program where he doesn’t even need to do live training with them

[09:19] – How he converts his interested social media leads to clients

[21:09] – How he prices his program

[29:27] – How he runs his virtual training business and gets tons of weekly leads from YouTube and other social media channels

About our Guest

From undergoing physical therapy due to a car accident, to using that motivation to train other people and finally taking that jump into an online fitness business

Today in the show we have Kaylan Gilliam.

He’s the owner of Alpha U, an online personal training business.

He transitioned from being a very booked in-person trainer to now being a very booked online trainer, something I think a lot of us want to do.

Through Alpha U, he creates custom fitness programs for his clients and his recently added nutrition coaching.

What’s really interesting is that he’s grown his online business, not through Instagram, but through YouTube where he has over a thousand subscribers.

He even does nutrition coaching and has found a lot of success, so I’m hoping he can give us some tips and advice on how to be successful also with our fitness business.

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Unique Facebook marketing techniques to grow your online training business today! (Interview with Alex Storm)

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Highlights from the interview

[12:33] – Step-by-step guide on how to launch your own online fitness business

[20:28] – A business model for trainers who want to start training clients online today without a website

[26:20] – New online strategy using Facebook in a totally different way to grow your audience online

[34:01] – How Facebook advertising during the quarantine is actually a big opportunity

About our Guest

From graphic designer to internet marketing genius

I am so excited today because I’m talking to Alex Storm. He’s the founder of Christian Freelance Academy. 

Alex helps entrepreneurs launch and grow a successful online business through effective client-getting methods, online marketing strategies, FacebookAd strategies and customer funnels.

He helps people basically create their own online business. He has a great system, and lots of good videos on his Facebook group.

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How Allan uses his own training app & focus on the over 40 market to grow his business (Interview with Allan Misner)

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Highlights from the interview

[10:49] – How he is able to attract clients from all over the world by creating authority with a book he’s written

[23:49] – How Allan is able to live in sunny Panama year round and train people locally and remotely using his app

[44:41] – How he uses the app as a passive source of training income and also for more active training clients!

[52:44] – How he markets to his niche of training clients 40 years and older

About our Guest

From 250lbs to taking a sharp turn, getting fit and starting his own fitness business with his own Fitness App

Allan Misner is a personal trainer, owner of Island Fitness Gym located in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  

What’s really interesting about Allan’s training business is that he focuses on helping the 40 years old and plus market get healthy through his podcast, aptly called 40+ Fitness Podcast, and his own fitness app in the app store, aptly called 40+ Fitness Training App! 

He has even wrote a book The Wellness Roadmap: a Straightforward Guide to Health and Fitness After 40 that is highly reviewed on amazon!

 Through the app, he does group training and one-on-one training. He offers different packages from $75 to $399/month for a premium package on the app.

In addition, he lives in Bocas del Toro, Panama how cool is that!? I can just feel the sun on my face by talking to him. He’s living the dream training people remotely, training people in person, and enjoying the warmth year around. 

However, he hasn’t been a fitness guy all his life like many trainers. He was well over 250 lbs and only started on his fitness path at the age of 39.

I’m curious to hear how he made such a sharp 180-turn at a point in his life where most people would have not been open to such a change.

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How to Setup Instant Online Training Business with No Technical Know How. Great for current clients! (Interview with Pamela Kyro)

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Highlights from the interview

[16:20] – How she creatively set up her program so that:
1. That current clients would be open to training online
2. And the ones that did were happy to pay the same weekly payment each week

[27:10] – The low-tech way she trains and keeps her clients engaged and happy. No complicated software apps needed!

[32:15] – The five minute simple but brilliant method she uses to stay in the minds of clients who opted not to train online.

[42:23] – Additional tips in providing more value to your clients.

About our Guest

Suffering from Lupus and Sjogren’s disease, opening her own fitness business and transitioning to online training

Today my guest is Pamela Kyro. She is the owner of Body by Pamela located in New Hyde Park in New York which does personal training and semi private group training.

With a full schedule of clients back to back she had found her sweet spot with her business.

However, as many of us trainers can relate, with Covid-19 recently she had to scramble to change her business model to hang on to her clients and her revenue.

Pamela is not new to challenge, she has and continues to work with Lupus and Sjogren’s disease. 

So in today’s interview, Pamela is going to tell us how despite being a non-techie person, she has quickly turned her business into an online training business with many satisfied customers.

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How to use one-day events to skyrocket new memberships (Interview with JR Spear)

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Highlights from the interview

[09:28] – How to put on one-day events to explode your membership

[15:32] – How to market these one-day events

[17:16] – How to offer events and even training at places where rent is as low as $20 for access!

[51:57] – How to handle multiple prospects at once at your event so you can still close everyone who is interested, even if you are running the event with just 1 helper!

About our Guest

From growing up into a martial arts family, to serving in Iraq, to opening his own fitness school

We are getting the inside secrets from multiple 6-figure business owner JR Spear on how to get online training clients paying as much as $2500 per ticket.  

JR is really a real-life fitness rockstar!

He’s a 4th degree black belt and a combat veteran spending 4 years in service, 9 months of which was spent in Iraq. After getting out of Iraq, he opened his own martial arts school.

JR, who currently lives in Stafford, Virginia with his wife and 4 kids, knows the fitness business. He has been a personal trainer and has owned multiple 6-figure businesses. In addition, he has done over a dozen triathlons. 

What I really like about this guy is he has tons of energy and his clients just love him. They talk about how he has transformed their fitness business. 

So, I’m sure he’s going to have tons of secrets that we can start using today to get more online clients. 

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Top 10 things to grow your fitness studio to $30k/mo (Interview with Chas Young)

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Highlights from the interview

[10:50] – What your estimated costs would be to open a brand new gym from buildout to equipment to lease

[22:21] – How she was able to target her workouts and theme of the gym so it would appeal to the downtown demographic

[26:42] – How changing her membership prices affected her and her business

[39:50] – How she grew her membership from 0 customers to a steady 250 clients

[47:56] – Her Top 10 things she recommends gym owners to do to grow their business

About our Guest

From a fitness trainer to a new Spin TRX studio owner

Today we are talking to Chas Young. She is a business startup coach who who went from a fitness trainer to a new studio owner of a Spin TRX studio located right in downtown Calgary. 

She has come full circle as a business owner from choosing the location, negotiating the lease, managing the buildout, opening for business and scrambling to get customers and a steady cash flow. 

She successfully made that gym very profitable to the tune of $30,000 in revenue per month and then having a successful sale as she transitioned to a coaching role.

I’m so excited to have Chas on the show!

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How to Run a Fitness Challenge – A Complete Guide

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My First Challenge

I remember the first time I learned about challenges and decided we would put one on and it would increase sales for my gym! When I actually started creating the challenge I realized that it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. What should I charge for the challenge and what would be included since some of the challengers are already paying clients?

 I didn’t want anyone to not be part of it so I made it free. 

The challenge was centered around a worksheet that they would get and would fill out. 

I showed it to one of our clients and I told her about the challenge and I saw her eyes light up, so I knew it was something that created motivation in her.

However, I didn’t know what was needed to make a challenge great. Should it be weight loss focused? Or would that offend people? I didn’t have any up sells ready to go, and I barely promoted it on social media.

That first challenge I put on, I would have to say, didn’t produce much for my small studio in the form of new sign ups, more sales, or results for the clients.

 At the very least it created some excitement in the club.

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How to get senior citizen training clients (Interview with Ronnie Loaiza)

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Highlights from the interview

[08:35] – What website apps are working and not working to get new clients

[08:35] – A unique NON-social media method to get new clients calling you – especially senior clients

[08:35] – The sales technique she uses to close clients over the phone and eventually get them to be long-term clients

[08:35] – And how she leverages this technique so effectively she doesn’t even have to give out comps!

About our Guest

Sudden impairing back pain that motivated her to become a senior trainer

At the age of 41, Ronnie was very healthy working in the corporate world as a publicist. However, one day she started to experience back pain that got increasingly worse.

She ended up seeing multiple specialists that told her only options were surgery, pain pills and stretching. Finally through a recommendation, she started training with a personal trainer that was a corrective exercise specialist and she eventually found her pain gone!

That was her turning point where she became fascinated with health and fitness. 

After some encouragement from her trainer, she decided leave her corporate job and became a personal trainer herself at the age of 46!

From her experience she was naturally interested in the older population and working around injuries. She’s built a strong personal training business in the competitive LA market with a strong niche in the senior citizen market.

From doing chair classes, silver sneakers and privates with seniors, she has become very familiar with converting them to clients and keeping them as customers for a very long time.

I’m excited to have Ronnie on the show because she can help any listeners who are interested in working with the growing senior population.

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