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Can you imagine how your life would look like if you could...

Grow your business and generate leads organically  without spending a fortune on paid facebook & google ads, spamming people with cold outreach (& getting your account blocked), or being at the mercy of referrals.

Have more freedom and time.  When you are spending hours a day trying to research and think of that clever post you are taking away from time that you could be training clients  & from spending time with your friends & family.

Eliminate all the stress, anxiety, and guesswork that comes with staring at your screen not knowing what to post when it looks like others are growing their following with limitless ideas.

Post valuable content every day easily in truly only a few seconds  that will stop people from thumb-scrolling and make them engage with your brand.

Position yourself as the go-to fitness authority on social media and create a loyal following that will buy from you over and over again, completely ignoring all of your competitors even if they have more followers.

Have your calendar full your dream clients that will pay you more, don't question your ideas, and are 100% committed to doing what you tell them to do.

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How do you turn “who-the-heck-are-you?” strangers into hot buying clients?

That’s the question I asked myself in 2014,
when I was struggling to grow my own gym

At the time everyone and their mothers were saying “Post more on Social Media. It’s free.”

Oh yeah?

Well guess what, posting on social media isn’t “Free.”

Especially nowadays.`=`

It takes time to craft a GOOD AUTHORITY THUMB-STOPPING message.

If you are a health or fitness coach of any kind, you don't just need “entertaining topics” if you want to get new clients.

Your content has to be entertaining and educational if you want your audience to see you as someone who can truly solve their problem.

You need interesting new topics daily, the latest well-researched scientific info, good grammar, and a tone that your followers can connect to.  

So how do you use social media to get new clients without breaking the bank or neglecting what matters?

That's the question I kept asking myself.

A question that kept me up at night (literally, more on that later).

A question that almost drove me insane!

Until I discovered a formula to do all of that and grow my business beyond my wildest dreams.

I'm going to show you exactly how I did it. 

After filling my gym with more clients than I could handle, I knew it’s time to sell.

And I knew the time would come where I could share what I learned with other fitness trainers who wanted to pursue their passion, enjoy more freedom, and travel the world.

Here is my story.

Hi! I'm Kristy Oshita, and while I eventually managed to sell my gym for a good profit and move on to explore other passions...

...the beginnings of running my gym weren't so hot.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED working with clients and seeing them have fun while becoming the best version of themselves...

I loved creating challenges and coaching them.

It made me feel fulfilled.

Seeing the happiness in someone's face when they see the results they so desperately have been fighting for is one of the best feelings in the world.

The reason it wasn't 'ideal', had nothing to do with the coaching...

Or the physical effort I put in every day...

Or for the extra hours creating the challenges for them...

Me trying to figure out the lights in my new gym

The real reason was that I struggled to get new clients.

There were days with only 1 or 2 people in the gym.

And some days I was completely by myself.

I remember catching my reflection in the mirror.  I stood there alone in a completely empty gym, with a look of despair in my eyes.

I felt a complete lack of control over my business, income, and life..

& total powerlessness over when new clients will come through the door.

I needed a way to predictably generate new leads and get new trainees on-demand.

Relying on word of mouth was way too unpredictable.

Expecting my current clients to tell their cousin Suzie (who cares next to none about her health) how awesome I was and that she should try one of my challenges...

Was not a strategy, it was a stupid hope.

I had a rent and payroll so I needed more than a few referrals to make it.

I had to find a better way to consistently generate leads.

I could start running paid ads.

The problem was, I knew exactly nothing about how to run ads. 

I started watching some youtube tutorials but the information was very confusing and it was clear it would be time consuming...

So I chose to hire a consultant to run some facebook ads for me for $700 a month.

That was not the only expense involved with ads.

I had to actually pay for them which was $1000-$1200/month!

By the 2nd month running ads I had racked up $3,545 on my credit card & in consulting fees.

But over the 3rd month…

The leads started coming in!

I couldn’t believe it.

It was happening.

I could see myself with my gym finally full of people!

The money in the bank increasing each month…

Going on vacation if I wanted to…

And all of it while still having time for myself!

But my joy was short-lived.

The leads weren’t signing up.

The leads just weren’t qualified.

At first I thought it was a matter of the ad spend.

“It’s a numbers game, if I reach more people, people will eventually sign up.”

I was desperate to make it work so I kept paying for the ads & the consultant.

Then reality hit...really hard.

After 9 months & over 16k wasted on ads…

And only a handful of sign ups...I finally decided it was time to cut it off.

I couldn’t maintain this rhythm, it was too costly.

I needed something cheaper that I could test and start generating some awareness about my gym.

So I switched to my second option:

Posting content and build a brand on social media.

It looked great on paper, but had its own problems.

It was very hard to build a loyal following posting once a week or every couple of days.

I had to post every day, but that was very time-consuming.

I remember staring at my laptop or my iPhone screen at every break, late at night or early in the morning... 

...feeling tired, stressed, and anxious because I couldn't come up with content ideas every single day.

I ended up posting only a couple of days a week, and even those days the content generated just silence.

For all my efforts I had nothing to show.

I fell into the pitfall of promoting myself too much. 

Promoting a free pass too often. 

Only posting 'cute quotes' with graphics.

I wasn’t providing new interesting information because it took me too long.

But I wasn’t giving up.

I stumbled across a paid service that automatically posted daily fitness-related posts on Facebook.

I could not believe myself, that was what I was waiting for!

Now I could finally focus on running the gym and doing the work I loved.

Other people took care of the whole "post engaging content that speaks to your audience every day" thing.

I was so excited and convinced about this... 

That when I saw the results I wanted to die.

The content was not relevant at all, it was years outdated, sometimes barely fitness-related.

It made me look robotic and unauthentic.

I even started getting negative comments on my posts from my followers (the few ones I had).

Turns out I wasn't the only one being screwed by this service. 

A bunch of other people had the same problems.

So clearly I stopped using it.

I was so frustrated and so angry!

I had all my hopes pinned to this. I knew that I had to post daily, and I kept hearing everybody saying how important it was.

All these gurus that preach, "post content every single day" make it seem so easy...

When in reality they have a team with a handful (sometimes even 3 or 5) people that create, film, post, and manage their content for them.

I didn't have any of that.

I could not afford to pay someone to produce content for me every single day.

Was I supposed to spend all that money on someone to produce content that would bomb and have no engagement, no reach, not increase my following, and (more importantly) generate no leads?


What I needed was a new strategy.

I had to put out content every day.

I knew the strategy would work because:

  • The more content you produce, the more people see you as a familiar face, and the more they trust you.
  • People start seeing you as a friend and it makes it more likely they will buy from you down the road.
  • It also increases the probability to reach more people. 

    Whether because your audience engages with it more, shares it more, or simply because the algorithm puts your content in front of more people.

It would also help me understand what my audience wanted and what they’d respond to... 

So I could improve my strategy making it easy to grow over time.

BUT...I couldn’t spend thousands of dollars
paying for a content marketing team.

After the whole $16k fiasco with Facebook ads…

I wasn’t exactly in a position to spend a lot of money on “photo and video editing.”

And even if I did hire people, I would have to check their work.

Because the content had to be engaging and valuable 

None of this would matter if my audience didn't find it relevant and engaging.

The content had to stop people from scrolling altogether.

It had to be authentic, feel real, and speak to my audience like humans.

If that wasn't enough...

The marketplace was flooded with competition.

And not just your average small, niche fitness influencer, nope.

Now big brands like Peloton, BeachBody, and Weight Watchers recognize the value of posting content, and they have millions of dollars to do so.

With the 15 minutes I had a day to spend on social media, there was no way I was going to produce better content than my competitors.

I didn't want to wait for my competitors to pass me by in this game I had invested so much time and effort...

I had to work smarter.

Test things that were very likely to work and do it fast.

However, I knew I just couldn’t produce the content
and manage the gym at all times.

There simply wasn’t enough hours in the day.

Whenever I looked at my watch I was frustrated by how I kept running out of time.

So I took an expensive gamble.  I hired a head manager for the gym…

So that I could focus on creating the content.

This would be costly and time consuming…

I would still need to work at least 10 hours each day…

But at least it was feasible.

And it was my best shot.

I figured that a really good way to provide valuable and engaging content…

Would be to dive deep into scientific research, understanding what clients wanted, and posting on different topics:

Fitness and the benefits of exercise...

Diet & nutrition…

Stress management...

Home and gym equipment…

The science behind sleep and recovery…

There was a caveat to this strategy (aside from killing my sleep and free time):

It couldn't be any type of scientific info.

Infodumps weren’t engaging.

Even beyond that…

I wasn’t trying to attract anybody.

I learned my lesson getting thousands of leads without ANY of them converting into buyers.

I had to post things that would attract the right kind of people.

The people who needed answers for their problems.

The people who needed a gym or a coach.

It had to be something congruent with the content for a gym and a coach while still being fun and casual.

I started reading hundreds of research studies. Then I would read courses on effective social media posts.

Always on the lookout for the latest scientific research, topics & angles…

As well as what people were doing and saying,

the questions they had...

and the new themes they wanted to see.

I stayed late every night and woke up early every morning..

Feeling like my eyes were dry and cracked like clay in the desert.

Sometimes my vision was blurry, like I was looking through a greasy glass.

Every day I woke up from bed, or was coaching someone, or was buying groceries... 

Felt like I was carrying two bodies instead of one.

Even with the manager working…

I was still working 10-12 hours each day.

I haven't drunk more caffeine at any other time in my life.

I stopped going out with my friends and family.

But I was committed to making this work. 

I knew the upside for my business and life if I could generate leads every week organically.

So with that in mind, I started to analyze, modify, and test content.

Every time I posted something... 

I was on the watch, learning what worked and what didn't, testing things like a maniac.

And slowly but surely... it started to get traction.

People started to engage more, likes and shares soared.

The comment section was like a community forum.

People engaging with each other and with me, all asking questions. 

I discovered the principles and the factors that the best performing content had in common, but even better...

All of a sudden, the late nights and early mornings were a thing of the past.

I threw off double espresso shots & gave up coffee (the latter just temporarily).

But the best part of it all were the new clients.

I was getting new faces. 

New people showing up at my gym without me paying a dime on ads, or a marketing agency, or someone to create my content.

One time, a woman came to my gym and said to me:

"I actually saw the glutes and thighs challenge and exercises on your Instagram, and decided to walk by and see."

She ended up becoming a new paying client!

I never again struggled with keeping my gym (and bank account) healthy.

It was constantly full of people.

It even came to a point where I was getting so many leads and requests (even from other cities and states) that to help everyone... 

I created online programs and challenges I could sell to these people!

This made my business even more profitable since I could reach more people.

The only problem was that creating the content still took too much time…

It was impossible for me to continue doing it all by myself.

Thanks to the new income and the growth of my gym I hired 2 people to do all the research and manage the social media accounts.

I decided to enjoy myself after all the work and effort I had put in.

Little things like going out more, traveling a little bit

I've always been a very curious person.

I had other passions and interests.

So I sold my gym in January of this year to go pursue them.

Now that I’m not coaching anymore... 

I want to help as many coaches experience the freedom and relief that comes with having a thriving business.

Not every fitness and health coach has to go through that.

I’ve already done the heavy lifting.

It would be silly to spend thousands on ads…

Or thousand in manager payrolls…

And thousands of hours researching and writing the topics…

Or hundreds of late nights and early mornings…

There’s a way for fitness and health coaches to:

Generate organic leads and grow their business without any of the pain and wasted time and money.

Even if they don’t have a large following yet.

That's why I'm sharing with you…

365 engaging, researched & well written social media posts in fitness, nutrition & wellness

You can start using today to grow your brand, business, and generate free, organic leads on-demand.

No more WASTED HOURS trying to write a brilliant post that just creates more likes but not buyers.

No more STRESS about what to post, where, and how often.

No more FEAR about looking salesy or promoting yourself too much.

These posts are all well-researched and up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence & fitness topics.

So every time you post them you’ll come across as a knowledgeable authority who is every day in the trenches researching the latest scientific studies and advancements to increase your expertise.

This will immediately put you a tier above anyone else when your ideal clients need a solution to their problems.

Everyone wants the best doctor when their lives are at stake.

You will be seen as the best professional coach when your client’s health and fitness is at stake.

There are also literally hundreds of topics you can post keeping your audience forever entertained, engaged, and coming to you for more.

You avoid being boring in a world where the attention span of people is in constant decline.

The posts and prompts are checked and double checked by experts to make sure all the facts and grammar are correct and you don’t look like an amateur and embarrass yourself.

The prompts are 100% customizable.

You can give them your personal twits to match your unique voice and style and become relatable.

Someone your audience can connect and engage with. 

The best part?

You can generate new high-quality leads that convert into clients…

With just 5 minutes a day!

That’s right.

Just use any of the plug'n'play posts or modify your prompts and you are set.

There’s no way it will take you more than a few minutes.

Here are some of the different types of posts & prompts you'll get inside:

✅To give healthy nutrition advice your followers will love and thank you for.

To share controversial information and make people love you for it, without any unfollows, unsubscribes, or creating a horde of haters.

✅Every month seems to be a new superfood, here are some templates to take advantage of the attention they are getting.

✅The best posts to smoothly and subtly promote products and supplements (including your own).

✅The single best way to share your know-how expertise without looking like a bragging douche.

✅Tell people all the awful they are doing wrong... and get them asking for more!

✅Posts to keep your older followers motivated to stay active (and chase you for advice).

✅To apply the 'you do you' advice to nutrition and make it safe and congruent with your brand- nowadays some people treat diet like religion getting this wrong will kill your influence, here's how to do it right.

✅Using sloppily made memes to crack laughs and smiles from your audience.

✅Templates to teach your audience how to stay in shape with water bottles or any other everyday items.

✅The best practices to ethically use other content to create your own and be perceived as a knowledge sanctuary.

✅The best way to share your unique thoughts to be perceived as a leader and expert in your market while still having a 'human touch' and being real.

✅4 types of posts for sharing the real you that will make people deeply connect with you and listen to anything you have to say (or sell them) in the future!

✅Use pop culture like books, movies, podcasts, music, or series to boost your organic reach and create a cult-like following.

And so many more!

More than
365 Days of Posts!

On Fitness, nutrition, exercise,
wellness, challenges & more!

Here's to a year of NEVER WORRYING about what to post!

Example Post on Fitness

"Still deciding whether to start weight training?

Here is a motivation for you: weight-lifting is a key to boosting metabolism!

After a weight-lifting session, your body will start burning more calories even as you rest. AND continue doing so for the entire 38 hours after your workout.

Ready to lift some weights?"

Example Nutrition Post

"One tablespoon of olive oil a day can keep the heart disease away.

Consuming one tablespoon of olive oil is a simple way to replace unhealthy acids of animal fats and fill your body with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Don’t miss this tip if you’re at a high risk of cardiovascular diseases!"

Example Engagement Post

"Are you trying to convince your partner to join your fitness journey, but cannot find the right words? I went exactly through the same thing myself {X} years ago, and this is what helped:

Start small! Don’t push your partner to go full-speed in one day. Incorporate 1 healthy habit each week and results won’t disappoint you.

Do you have a gym buddy? How do you motivate each other?"

Posts that Highlight Your Clients Improvements

"Strength is not just about how much you can lift, it's also about challenging yourself to do the exercises that you aren't familiar with.

I love how {Name} focuses on {Insert the name of the exercise} and doesn't stop challenging himself/herself to get better at it. <insert picture or video>"

Themed Sequences of Posts

Do you have a bench in your yard or a stair?

Then I have Tuck In Tuck Out 5 days challenge for you!

You must do it IF:
- You want to improve abdominal muscles
- You dream of toned arms and shoulders

Here is what you’ll do:
- Sit on the bench, leaving legs on the open area
- Bring your legs up to your chest and then fully extend them out
- Repeat as many times as you can in 60 sec

One rule- Do it every day for at least 60 sec for 5 days Add 30 sec.'s/day.

Trust me, you will see a difference in 5 days!

(4 More posts are included with this sequence)

Includes: 12 Month Planner Tool

YES! It Automatically Sorts Yours 1 Click.

I could’ve stopped right there and this would be more than enough to skyrocket your organic leads and sales for your business.

But since I wanted to make this as complete as possible to help you grow your online following and your business...

...I'm including 6 following-boosting bonuses that make the perfect complement to make your brand unforgettable!

Bonus: 1

How to Create Your Own
Quick & Beautiful Exercise Video Masterclass

Video rules social media. People often say “Content is king”, well video is the king of content. 

In this masterclass I’m going to teach you how to use the free software Canva to quickly create beautiful exercise videos!

You will get a step-by-step approach to create videos your audience loves you for…

In minutes!

You can use the videos to: 

  • Post them on your social media as long-form videos or full workouts.
  • Break them up into different 1-minute video-posts to highlight a specific exercise and break up a whole workout in a couple of posts.
  • Create and build your own unique brand - forever immune to copy-cats.
  • Use them as a “lead magnet” and offer the workouts to your audience in exchange for their emails!

Here’s some of the things you’ll find inside:


When to Use Canva to edit your videos (And When Not to)


What Elements to Include in Your Workout Video to Wow Your Audience


How To Use the Included Video Planner for Quick Editing


Canva Basics: How to add & adjust video, music, text & graphics in your video


Useful Canva Hacks to Save Even More Time


Easy Resizing in Different Sizes for Different Platforms


Downloading: How to export what you want


Folder Setup: Good organization tips to keep your canva organized

Let’s be real.

Creating visually appealing videos can be difficult, right?

Even if you get the perfect lightning…

The angle...

The filming…

The editing...

And them creating a snazzy design.

Not only that…

It takes SO much time, it almost defeats the whole purpose.

That’s why I’m adding...

Each video template comes with:

All you have to do is plug and play your videos into one of these templates and see how your phone goes crazy with notifications about video views, likes, shares and leads!

Each template comes with:

1) Intro Section: An intro section that goes over

  • Title of the workout
  • the length of the workout,
  • the intensity level,
  • the skill level,
  • & what equipment you will need.

2) Adjustable Countdown Timer

  • Adjust the start of the countdown timer anywhere from 0-60 seconds.
  • Timers allow your viewers to follow along

3) Professional Transitions

  • The graphics transition with Professional fades & animations giving it a WOW effect

4) Lower thirds

  • That announce what the exercise is
  • And which exercise is coming next

Bonus 1:

The "Paint Strokes" Exercise Video template

Bonus 2:

The "Block" Exercise Video Template

Bonus 3:

The "Dots & Stripes" Exercise Video template

Bonus 4:

The "Ombre Bright" Exercise Video template

Bonus 5:

Exercise Video Planner

It's all about a structure to film your video.

That’s still not everything.

In case you didn’t notice…

I’m all about efficiency, getting things done in the least amount of time with optimal results.

A corner piece to achieve it?


“A fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

A plan is the ultimate productivity hack.

When you know to a T what you have to do, how you have to do it, and when…

Everything is so much easier and faster.

You save yourself hours of wonder and procrastination due to analysis-paralysis.

To make your life easier…

I’m including the exact same exercise video planner I used to produce thumb-stopping videos when I filmed exercise videos.

I can guarantee this “simple” planner will save you hours of not knowing what to do each time you want to film any videos.

With all the posts and prompts…

All the videos…

The masterclass…

And the video planner…

You have everything you need to generate leads organically, without spending a dime on ads

Hiring contractors, or VAs to create and post content for you.

Or spend countless hours brainstorming and ideas and making the posts yourself.

You can now have your calendar booked 3 weeks in advance with dream clients  waiting to pull-out their credit card and pay for your services

No matter how much you increase your rate.

You now have every tool you need to grow your business beyond belief.

Never again worry about where your next customer will come from.

It’s everything I wish I had when I was starting this journey.

This would’ve saved me countless nights staying up past 1 am chained to my desk and computer... 

With my eyes burning as if I was swimming in a pool full of chlorine…

It would’ve saved me waking up everyday after a restless night of sleep and drinking two cups of coffee just to feel like a human being.

It would’ve saved me thousands of dollars of hiring a manager just to free up some time to write and post content.

But of course I’m not going to ask for thousands of dollars…

Not 1000.

Not even 500.


You can have all the posts and prompts to cover your content needs for a year…

All the video templates to boost your engagement…

The masterclass…

And the video planner…

A common question people ask me is if this will make them look inauthentic, generic and if it will work for them.

The answer is no, no, and yes.

They won't make you or your business look generic. The posts are extremely well written and researched. My team of 4 writers and I spent hours and hours thinking of unique topics, researching, writing & editing each post & prompt.

There is so much good researched content there that you could turn many of the posts into 2!

You will come across as an expert.

Plus, the ones that are prompts will help you easily write a post that is personal to you. These will be unique and be a quick way to let who you are shine.

It's all about quality, it's better to have a 3k following that gets you 5 new clients each week than a 100k following that only gets you 1.

What are the alternatives?

You could throw tens of thousands of dollars at Facebook or Google ads (like I did) with the hope that they will get you new customers.

This is not only expensive, but hard, you will have to spend hundreds of hours learning and getting good at it, or hire someone to do it for you like an agency or freelancer, but that means thousands in money wasted.

You could try to figure it out yourself, and maybe you could actually figure it out. 

But it would mean months of very early mornings and very late nights, and maybe after all the time spent, you figure it's too late and others are already ahead of you.

You could also do nothing, leave the page and continue doing the same things you were already doing and nothing will change. 

You will still have to fight for every new client, having empty workdays or maybe not as much as you want.

And that's now, as other people start using the power of organic lead generation, the competition will be bigger and things will be harder. 

Especially when all the big guys come into the game. 

By then there will be no rewards for almost anyone and you'll be struggling to really grow your business without spending a fortune on ads or throwing the rest of your life away, doing extra hours just to keep the business afloat.

Or you could simply take advantage of this special and start growing your business organically, getting pre-sold leads chasing you, and having more income and time to do the things you love in your business and life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In fact, I'm so confident they will boost your organic lead gen, that it comes with a 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

That’s right, place your order and only say “maybe” to a year’s worth of social media content

If for any reason whatsoever, you don't find it useful, I'll personally refund all your money.

Despite all of that this may still not be for you if:

❌You are not a fitness, health, or wellness professional.

❌You only  want to spend money running paid ads.

❌You are not willing to commit to post every single day. This will save you outrageous amounts of money and time, but you still have to set some time to actually post the content and engage with your audience.

❌You are completely happy with chasing clients, the number of clients you have, or don't want your business to grow.

❌You love creating your own content and love spending countless hours planning and scheduling your posts.

If that's you, please, leave this page right now because the templates and bonuses won't help you.

But if you want to grow your business organically, without spending any time and money on ads, content creation, relying on word of mouth or cold outreach...

If you want your dream clients chasing you because they are already sold on the idea of you coaching them, giving you the ability to decide who you work with…

If you want to even raise your prices to deal with the increasing demand for your services...

If you want to have more freedom to do the things you want inside and outside your business without stressing about where your next client will come from or spending all your free time researching and creating content...

Then you just have to get your own templates and make that a reality for you.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,

Kristy Oshita

P.S.: In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end, here's the deal: 

I'm giving you the exact prompts, detailed fitness focused posts, templates, images, and video templates that will allow you to  allowed me to grow and sell my gym.

It took me months of bleeding effort and even years of testing to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

When you use these 100% customizable templates, you will generate more leads and customers than you can handle.

Clients will start chasing you to coach them and you will even be able to raise your prices to match the increasing demand.

All without spending outrageous amounts of money on ads, wasting countless hours struggling creating your own content,

...or sacrificing all other areas of your life like your health, friends, and family.

You will get 365, one for each day of the year so you never struggle with the “What the heck do I post today?” syndrome again.

And if for some reason at all in the next 30 days you don’t like them, I will personally refund all your money, no questions asked.