Social Media Post ideas to stay relevant and connected with your followers during this uncertain time

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You might be wondering how do I stay relevant and sensitive right now during so much uncertainty and COVID stress.

One theme came to me when I was watching Conan O’Brien and Will Ferrell last night, as they bantered. They’re really funny. And Will Ferrell said in that leotard scene, “How was it a good weight?” And then he said, “With the quarantine, it’s been hard to not gain weight. How about you?” And then Conan said, “Well, there’s no fat in my face, but it’s all in my stomach.”


Pandemic 15 lbs

I agree. Now, some people actually have lost weight because they’re able to eat in more, cook for themselves and they’re not doing as many social functions. However, I think for a lot of people, it’s been a struggle. A recent poll done said that nearly half of the people they polled gained between one to six pounds.

So, this is a big stress for a lot of people. And I wanted to throw out some topics that you can use to really speak to what’s on your prospect’s minds right now on social media.

Social media Post ideas to connect with your followers

So here’s some ideas for a series of posts that you can do today to hopefully elicit a response from the people who are following you, but not really reaching out.

POST 1: It’s time to plan for a new you during covid!

We went into quarantine thinking this was going to only be a few weeks, but now that we know that some aspect of social distancing will be around for awhile…

It’s time to plan and create new habits in this new environment.

So, no longer are we just following along with the changes in our schedule, we are going to plan, and here are some ideas of how to plan to bring more exercise into your life.

Exercise even if you can’t go to your favorite gym. If you’re still working from home, how to eat healthy when your office is right next to the kitchen. Feeling stressed from the uncertainty, make sure to have habits and tools within yourself to address the desire to overeat on sweet and salty carbs.

POST IDEA 2: Do a whole series on walking.

Did you know that even 20 minutes of walking in nature reduces your cortisol, which helps with managing our weight and cravings. 

POST IDEA 3: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

The key way that we know that our clients are going to lose weight is through adjusting their eating habits.

Do a tip – So maybe you can do a whole series about how to not get seduced by food when you’re staying home with it all day.

Share a Friday night family activity focused on healthy snacks — “Staying home on Friday night now, how about making this healthy protein focused dessert that you and your family make together and eat together during the weekend?”

And it just so happens that today’s episode is perfect if you want to talk more about nutrition with your clients without getting beyond your scope of practice as a health coach or trainer.

POST IDEA 4: Bring it back to how you can help them with your coaching services. 

In fact, maybe put together a 12-week program to regain their health and immunity.

Okay, now I feel like even talking about the Immunity Boost Fitness Challenge that we’re going to release. Well, I didn’t mean to do that, what I’m saying is coaching and being accountable to someone is one of the number one ways to help them stay on path with their health and nutrition. 

They really need to think through new patterns, new habits, think through how to address certain problems and having a coach will really help them.

The problem often seems to be, “Oh, well I’m eating too much.” Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happening. 

But the bigger problem is now that we have a new schedule and a new way we get to work, which might be right at our desk. 

Creating new habits, routines and schedules, so that it’s naturally easier for them is what they really need.

You can definitely do that by doing a whole create healthy habits, healthy processes, healthy schedules like a walk in the afternoon. And if you want more help in bringing the attention back to ways that you can help them maybe put on the Immunity Boost Fitness Challenge, that we’ll be releasing soon.

So I hope these were really helpful and you have some ideas for social media content, themes and strategies for your posts this month. 

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