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How to Run a Fitness Challenge – A Complete Guide

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My First Challenge

I remember the first time I learned about challenges and decided we would put one on and it would increase sales for my gym! When I actually started creating the challenge I realized that it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. What should I charge for the challenge and what would be included since some of the challengers are already paying clients?

 I didn’t want anyone to not be part of it so I made it free. 

The challenge was centered around a worksheet that they would get and would fill out. 

I showed it to one of our clients and I told her about the challenge and I saw her eyes light up, so I knew it was something that created motivation in her.

However, I didn’t know what was needed to make a challenge great. Should it be weight loss focused? Or would that offend people? I didn’t have any up sells ready to go, and I barely promoted it on social media.

That first challenge I put on, I would have to say, didn’t produce much for my small studio in the form of new sign ups, more sales, or results for the clients.

 At the very least it created some excitement in the club.

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